33 WandaVision Moments Vs. The Sitcoms They Reference

Elizabeth Olsen re-creating moments from Full House is my favorite thing ever.

🚨Warning: There are obviously WandaVision spoilers ahead!🚨


First, when Vision carries Wanda into their house during Episode 1, he almost trips over a chair, which is a nod to The Dick Van Dyke Show and how Rob always tripped over the ottoman in the opening credits.

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Also, the layout of Wanda and Vision’s living room is pretty similar to the one from The Dick Van Dyke Show, especially the landing near the front door.


Wanda’s outfits from “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience” closely resemble Donna Stone’s outfits from The Donna Reed Show, which ran from 1958 to 1966.


Wanda and Vision sleeping in separate beds during Episode 2 is similar to how Lucy and Ricky slept on I Love Lucy.

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In Season 1 of I Love Lucy, Lucy and Ricky’s beds are pushed together, which is something Wanda and Vision do in Episode 2 as well.


The opening credits of “Don’t Touch That Dial” are a direct nod to the iconic credits from Bewitched.


When Wanda and Vision perform their magic act, it’s similar to an episode of Bewitched where Samantha is a magician’s assistant and uses her powers to help his act.


The colorful opening credits from WandaVision Episode 3 are a nod to the opening credits from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Also, the final title card in the opening credits is inspired by The Brady Bunch and their tiles. Of course, for WandaVision, the tiles are in the shape of hexagons, which is a nod to the shape of Westview’s town limits.


In “Now in Color,” Wanda and Vision’s house looks just like the house from The Brady Bunch, complete with the famous staircase.


Also, you can spot Vision building a swing set in the backyard, which is similar to the one the Brady kids had on The Brady Bunch.

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Even the fence and flower bed look similar.


The doll Vision uses to practice changing diapers looks like Cindy’s beloved Kitty Karry-All doll from The Brady Bunch.

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In Episode 8, we also find out that Wanda watched The Brady Bunch episode “Kitty Karry-All Is Missing” while in isolation after being experimented on by Hydra.


Wanda hiding her pregnancy is a nod to tricks TV shows have used for years to hid an actor’s real-life pregnancy. Like WandaVision, The Cosby Show famously made fun of having to hide Phylicia Rashad’s pregnancy, so much so that they had her sit behind a giant teddy bear in an episode.


In WandaVision Episode 5, Wanda and Vision’s house has changed once again, and now the inside looks exactly like the Keatons’ house from Family Ties.

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Even the couch is the same color.


And Wanda and Vision’s living room includes a lot of the stained glass that was featured in the Keatons’ living room on Family Ties.


Also, the outside of Wanda and Vision’s house in this episode is apparently a nod to the design of the house from Step By Step.


The opening credits of “On a Very Special Episode…” include a nod to the iconic opening credits from Family Ties, right down to the color red being the first color used to paint the family portrait.


Also, WandaVision Episode 5 uses a similar font to the one from the Family Ties opening credits. They also zoom in on the family portrait for each cast member.


And the opening credits pay homage to the Growing Pains title sequence, which includes photos of the cast growing up.


At one point, you can spot Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy having a picnic, which is a reference to the picnic moment during the Full House opening credits.


And Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy re-create the run-at-the-camera moment from the Full House opening too.

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In fact, WandaVision director Matt Shakman said both of these Full House references were their way of honoring “Lizzie growing up just behind the camera on that show.”


When Wanda has this teachable moment with Billy and Tommy on the couch, it’s nearly identical to the moments Steven would share with his children on Family Ties.


The end credits that Wanda makes appear during the ’80s episode when she wants to run from her conversation with Vision look just like the end credits from Growing Pains.


During WandaVision Episode 6, the opening title sequence is a nod to the title sequence from Malcolm in the Middle.


In fact, you can even see that the font style is the same as the font from Malcolm in the Middle.


Just like Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middle, Billy and Tommy break the fourth wall during “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” and talk directly to viewers.


In Episode 6, Wanda and Vision’s house has once again changed to fit with the era they’re in, and parts of it resemble the inside of the house on Malcolm in the Middle.


For the 2010s episode, Wanda starts talking to a cameraperson and breaking the fourth wall, which is a nod to Modern Family.


Also, a lot of Elizabeth Olsen’s mannerisms during Episode 7 are an homage to Julie Bowen’s portrayal of Claire Dunphy from Modern Family.

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I mean, the pillows on the couch behind Wanda even resemble the pillows that were always behind Phil and Claire when they talked to the camera.

In fact, Julie Bowen even gave a shoutout to WandaVision‘s portrayal of Modern Family:


Of course, Wanda and Vision’s house changes again in “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” and this time it resembles the inside of Phil and Claire’s house on Modern Family. Namely, you can spot the stairs Phil always tripped down.


Wanda and Vision’s kitchen is similar to Phil and Claire’s kitchen too, and there’s even a nod to Claire’s obsession with having Haley, Luke, and Alex’s schedules planned out on a calendar.


The opening credits for “Breaking the Fourth Wall” are a reference to the Happy Endings opening sequence, which featured different styles of the same word over and over again.

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In fact, before directing several MCU movies, Anthony and Joe Russo were executive producers and directors on Happy Endings. Also, Matt Shakman, who directed all of the WandaVision episodes, directed an episode of Happy Endings.


The final title card’s font for Episode 7 matches the iconic Modern Family logo, right down to the two different colors used.


In Episode 7, Vision does a pretty spot-on Jim Halpert from The Office impression when he looks directly at the camera after thinking Wanda could be creating obstacles to stop him from returning home.

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Also, the music in the opening credits for this episode was a nod to the song in The Office opening credits.


And finally, the super-catchy opening credits for “Agatha All Along” is a reference to The Munsters.

Did you catch any other amazing sitcom references in WandaVision? Tell us in the comments below!

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