Amy Schumer’s Son Gene Says “Mom”

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Last year, comedian and actor Amy Schumer and chef Chris Fischer welcomed their son, Gene.

Amy always posts adorable videos of Gene, who recently turned one, on her Instagram. Here he is starring in Amy’s potential Emmy speech (if she had won):

Here he is playing with bubbles. Like, this baby is too cute for words:

And — the best one — here he is reading the newspaper, OMG. Current events legend:

Well, on Thursday, Amy posted this adorable video of Gene saying “Mom” for what seems like the first time.

Amy prompted him, saying, “Mom?”

And Gene replied back, saying, “MOM!”

Look how pleased Gene was with himself!!!

Amy and Chris were also super stoked.

“The world is burning but this was a nice moment,” Amy captioned the video. “Please make a voting plan and make sure everyone in your phone has a voting plan — can help.”

A cute video, proud parents, and an important message — we stan.

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