Celebrity Tweets Of The Week — 4/9/20

“Should I be playing Animal Crossing?”

Another week in quarantine meant another week of Zoom calls, Instagram Lives, and socially distanced birthday wishes from celebs. Here are some tweets you may have missed:


Mindy Kaling shared a photo of her “glam squad”:


Ryan Reynolds’ daughters honored the real heroes:

My daughters wanted to be Avengers. Now it’s Healthcare Workers because, “they’re the real heroes”. Well, in 20 years, who’s gonna defeat a menacing, no-nonsense CGI villain, backdropped by sincere musical swells? I’m not supposed to say it out loud, but kids are dumb.


Billy Eichner wished Paul Rudd a happy birthday…


…and so did Chris Evans:

Happy Birthday to another favorite of mine, Paul Rudd!! Enjoy celebrating the 21st anniversary of your 30th birthday(since that’s clearly the year you stopped aging)!!


Katharine McPhee revisited one of her iconic American Idol performances:


Joe Jonas tweeted about his perfect soundtrack for a Zoom call:


Gabrielle Union and Padma Lakshmi were inspired by a chip bag hack:


Seth Rogen shared his Zoom meeting look:


Halsey had a question:


Gordon Ramsay made a hilarious realization about this quarantine house meme…

Does that mean I have to cook for @JLo @KingJames @PostMalone and Jennifer Aniston or is anyone my sous chef ??? #alwayshouse5 https://t.co/E3SiKO8XaF


…and LeBron James promised to assist:

I’ve heard I’m good with the assist. So I could help out 🤷🏾‍♂️.I mean you do know what today is right???? Taco TUEESSSSSDAY!! 🗣 https://t.co/vRxsxLhax1


Ben Platt knew the Seder required more wine than ever:


Mark Hamill revealed one of his goals for the year:

Not yet, but it’s very high on my 2020 To-Do List.
#MeetingMyMovieMama https://t.co/d0tCwE3y8i


Aly & AJ revealed that their song “Flattery” is about Joe Jonas, after the theory that “Potential Breakup Song” was about him went viral:


And Paris Jackson shared a real mood:

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