Joe Budden And Jay Electronica Go At It On Social Media Over Jay’s New Album

As the world is completely engulfed in the coronavirus outbreak, over on the hip hop end of things Joe Budden and Jay Electronica are beefing with each other following the release of Jay’s new album. Things quickly escalated between the two and spilled over to social media—and it’s say to safe neither party is backing down anytime soon.

Die-hard hip hop fans were excited when Jay Electronica dropped his surprise debut album “A Written Testimony,” with the majority of the songs featuring Jay Z. The album has been several years in the making and highly-anticipated, however Joe Budden was left feeling underwhelmed by the project.

Joe said that after making fans wait so many years, he expected to receive a body of work that was an undeniable classic—and in his opinion that’s not the case. He also took things a step further and claimed that Jay Electronica got “washed” by Jay Z on his own album.

As expected, that didn’t sit well with Jay, who then took a shot at Joe and stated that he never made a classic during his entire music career. Joe quickly shot back with, “I never got absolutely mopped around on my own project either.”

Jay Electronica went a step further and added, “I never heard your albums bro. may Allah bless your career as a journalist.” Determined to have the last word, Joe wrote back, “I took you off yours & it’s a Hov mixtape now… Peace be unto you as well King.”

As dependable as ever when it comes to digging up receipts, Twitter uncovered an old video of Jay Electronica at a Joe Budden show praising his skills on the mic—which is the exact opposite of him claiming he’s never heard any of his music. Whew chile!


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?

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