Rocky Watch Party Hosted by Sylvester Stallone Is Happening Today

The inspiring story of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky is perhaps exactly what we all need right now. Well, get ready to reach down deep and find that metaphorical eye of the tiger once again, because Sylvester Stallone is gearing up to host a Livestream showing of the first Rocky as part of the new weekly “Screening Room With The Stars” series.

Presented by Creative Artists Agency, the “Screening Room With The Stars” initiative is all being done with the aim of benefitting the organizations which are looking to provide aid for recovery for communities affected by the ongoing global situation. These will include the World Health Organization, #FirstRespondersFirst, DonorsChoose, and America’s Food Fund, with viewers able to donate during the screenings, according to CAA.

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The Rocky Livestream will take place on Thursday exclusively via Facebook, with the movie airing at 4 PM Pacific Time, with the initiative looking to Livestream more movies every week on the same day and time for the foreseeable future. Along with being able to donate to the various organizations, fans will also be able to ask questions about the movie as it plays, which, in the case of Rocky, will be answered by Sylvester Stallone himself. Richard Lovett, president of CAA has issued a statement about the upcoming Livestream experiences.

“We are grateful to the big-hearted clients and studios who have made these special experiences happen on Facebook. We hope audiences have a great time revisiting these classic movies in the company of the stars.”

The Oscar-winning Rocky is the classic sports drama from 1976, which begins the journey of the lovably dimwitted amateur boxer, Rocky Balboa. Hailing from Philadelphia’s tough neighborhood, Rocky is given a surprise shot at fighting heavyweight champion Apollo Creed for the heavyweight championship. In a bid to earn respect and glory, Rocky jumps into the ring, unaware of the tough task ahead of him, while at the same time finding love in the arms of a shy, reclusive girl who works in the local pet store.

The movie was directed by John G. Avildsen and stars Talia Shire as Adrianna “Adrian” Pennino, Burt Young as Paulie Pennino, Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed, and Burgess Meredith as Rocky’s cantankerous trainer Mickey Goldmill alongside Stallone as the title character. Stallone also famously wrote the movie, basing the story on his struggles to make it as an actor in Hollywood, as well as being inspired by several real-life boxers including Chuck Wepner and Rocco Francis “Rocky Marciano” Marchegiano.

The movie spawned a franchise that currently has seven installments spanning across decades including Rocky II in 1979, Rocky III in 1982, Rocky IV in 1985), Rocky V in 1990, and Rocky Balboa in 2006. The series then span-off to focus on the son of Rocky’s enemy-turned-friend Apollo Creed with the first Creed released in 2015 before being followed up by Creed II in 2018. Stallone portrays Rocky in all eight films, wrote seven of the eight films, and directed four of the six titular installments. You can watch along at the official MGM Facebook page.

So, be sure to visit MGM Studios’ Facebook page this Thursday at 4 p.m. PT. The “Screening Room With The Stars” events are hosted by Creative Artists Agency.

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