Ron Jeremy Is Under Review for Sexual Assault Allegations

Porn legend Ron Jeremy is the subject of some new sexual assault allegations. The allegations are currently “under review” by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Jeremy found himself back in the public eye recently by trying to save a tree in Bayside, Queens, which he claims his father planted on the day he was born. Suddenly, the adult star, nicknamed the “Hedgehog,” was trending all over the world on social media, bringing his name back into the headlines and into many alleged bad memories.

Ron Jeremy has been accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women, which includes ten adult performers and two journalists. With Jeremy’s name trending, it was easily discovered that he has some current allegations out there. “Sexual assault allegations against Ron Jeremy are under review by our office. No filing decision has been made,” said Greg Risling, a Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office public information officer. Another recent allegation allegedly took place at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset strip in 2018.

During the height of the #MeToo movement, Ron Jeremy’s past sexual assault allegations became public news again. At the time, Jeremy called those allegations, “pure lies or buyer’s remorse.” After years of thinking their stories wouldn’t be taken seriously, women started coming forward about Jeremy and his actions over the years, which seems to have been a well-known secret in porn circles, like a lot of others who have been accused of sexual assault over the years. “He tried to forcefully kiss me on the lips and he grabbed my ass,” one woman wrote on Twitter. Others had stories that were a lot worse than that.

Since Ron Jeremy’s sexual assault allegations became public news back in 2017, he has been banned from a lot of adult entertainment events, including the AVN Awards, which are considered to be the Academy Awards of porn, along with the XBIZ Awards, and Exxotica conventions. Now that saving the trees has found the porn star back in the headlines, people have been bringing up his allegations on social media in response. Porn actress Janice Griffith responded to Jeremy’s original tree-saving tweet by asking, “Did Ron tweet this in between bouts of sexually harassing people? he’s banned from almost all adult industry events for groping people without consent.”

Janice Griffith also claims that Ron Jeremy groped her without consent when she was a teenager. Jeremy has not responded to the latest round of sexual assault allegations and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has yet to reveal any further details. At this time, they will only confirm that he is under investigation. As with most cases like this, Jeremy will more than likely deny the allegations, though it’s unclear what will happen with the LAPD after their investigation. The Daily Beast was the first to report on Ron Jeremy’s latest sexual assault allegations.

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