Secrets Famous Women Confessed On Talk Shows

Remember when Cher admitted she got arrested at 11 years old for driving a car? Same.


When Tiffany Haddish went on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon she “killed” an older man at a bar mitzvah while working as an entertainment performer.


When Billie Eilish played a game of “True Confessions” and revealed she once farted in her best friend’s mouth.


When Mila Kunis let the world know the real size of Ashton Kutcher’s penis during a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”


When Amy Schumer told this truly riveting story about stealing Katie Couric’s phone at an event and texting Couric’s boyfriend something VERY wild.


When Gabourey Sidibe shared that she used to moonlight as a phone sex operator before becoming an actor.


And when Leslie Jones revealed she was a telemarketer for Scientology before making it big.


When Madonna was open as hell about her sex life during a game of “Never Have I Ever.”


When Jennifer Lawrence shared this behind-the-scenes secret about her time filming The Hunger Games.


When Jennifer Lopez got real and admitted she snuck a man into her house to have sex without her kiddos knowing.


When Cher told the most Cher story on The Graham Norton Show about getting arrested at 11 years old.


When Viola Davis confessed she used to travel around the US with two large bags: one filled with old love letters by her ex-boyfriends, and another filled with receipts for people she lent money to.


When we learned the variety of snacks Rihanna needed to have backstage at Ellen, and she rightfully didn’t apologize.


When Carrie Fisher confessed on the Late Show with David Letterman that she had an acid problem as a teen, and Old Hollywood star Cary Grant called her up and talked her through it.

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When Rita Moreno didn’t hold anything back on The Wendy Williams Show about her relationship with Marlon Brando, and how she slept with Elvis Presley to make Brando jealous.


When Katharine Hepburn revealed that she broke into houses as a teenager and even stole a thing or two.


And when Cardi B revealed to Jimmy Fallon she wanted to have a threesome with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen.

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