The 10 Best Reality TV Podcasts You’re Missing Out On

Podcasts have become a popular staple in the community of reality TV fans. Though the podcast world has been recently saturated with too many sub-par shows, the heavy-hitters and established veterans still produce great content. Some podcasts are so good, their content is more enjoyable than the TV shows they’re covering!

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Today we examine 10 podcasts that cover reality TV shows, and why you’re missing out on these buried treasures.


Esteemed comedienne Heather McDonald, known for her stellar performances on the sketch-comedy success Chelsea Lately, began her own podcast in 2015, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. As a friend to many of the Real Housewives and Kris Jenner, Heather always delivers the juiciest gossip revolving pop culture and reality TV. She’s an excellent interviewer, exuding confidence and fearlessness when probing her celebrity guests, asking every dirty detail.

Juicy Scoop is released every Tuesday and Thursday, with a special patron-only episode each Friday for those with premium subscriptions. Heather also does live Juicy Scoop shows, often in conjunction with her standup material, which often features a collection of her hilarious comedian friends, including Chris Franjola and Sarah Colonna.


Hosts Kim and Kyle have been delivering weekly 90 Day Fiance content for over a year now, and have built quite the impressive following. Their podcast, 90 Day Cray Cray, covers weekly recaps of the TLC franchise, as well as coverage of the popular A&E hit docu-series Love After Lockup and “through the vault” coverage of older episodes in the 90 Day-sphere.

These two computer programmers dive deep into all the “evuhdens” that circulate these reality stars, leaving almost nothing uncovered. Kyle’s acerbic, exasperated attitude accurately reflects the listeners/viewers at home, while Kim’s brilliant knowledge of different cultures around the world pairs well with the former. Some patrons of 90 Day Cray Cray actually enjoy listening to the podcast more than they enjoy watching the TV show!


This Bravo-centric podcast got its cheeky name from the nighttime variety show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and quickly became a staple for true reality TV fans. Hosts Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam inspect all of Bravo‘s hit shows, interviewing a plethora of Bravolebrities along the way. The spunky duo of Watch What Crappens also conducts live podcast shows with prominent success.

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With episodes released almost daily, Watch What Crappens holds a treasure trove of content for Bravo historians around the world.


After teaching high school English for fifteen years with blogging as a hobby, host Erin Martin finally bit the bullet and started her very own podcast: Pink Shade with Erin Martin. Erin previously wrote for the popular reality TV blog RealityTea and frequented as a housewives correspondent on Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM show.

Erin covers everything Real Housewives related but also incorporates other hit reality shows like 90 Day Fiance, Temptation Island, and Love After Lockup. She provides lucrative interviews with reality TV stars and other notable bloggers and isn’t afraid to give an unpopular opinion or hot take. Pink Shade with Erin Martin releases 2-3 episodes per week.


While ignoring her day job as a receptionist, Jackie Schimmel-Haas began blogging about Real Housewives drama and established a cult following that led her to start her successful podcast, The B*tch Bible. With over five years of podcasting under her belt, Jackie never holds herself back; she produces cutting-edge, controversial material regarding all things reality TV, and the ins and outs of her LA lifestyle.

After being “shadowbanned” (and actually banned) from Instagram on three separate occasions, Jackie shows her fans that she’s not afraid to defend her opinions and integrity, refusing to cave and conform to the double-standards of these social media platforms just to gain followers and sponsorship. Catch new episodes of The B*tch Bible every Tuesday.


Since 2016, hosts Hollie and Sarah have covered all-things Vanderpump Rules, and even stayed at the infamous Kentucky castle where castmates Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor wed in June 2019, on the very same weekend as all of the Pumpers! The two Vanderpump Rules Party hosts also broke the exclusive details of the voice recording former SUR waitress Faith Stowers made of Jax Taylor during their post-coital pillow talk, reenactments and all!

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They also feature lengthy interviews with insiders like SUR‘s manager (and Vanderpump Rules guest star) Peter Madrigal and Jeremy Madix, brother of fan-favorite cast member Ariana Madix. Vanderpump Rules Party releases weekly installments promptly after the show premieres its Tuesday episodes.


Twice a week host Kate Casey interviews various directors, producers, and reality stars from popular TV shows. Kate recently interviewed the notorious Bachelor blogger Reality Steve and loves to break down the latest pop culture news and gossip. Reality Life with Kate Casey has been around since 2016, meaning this seasoned podcaster knows the ropes of keeping a podcast engaging without going stale.

Kate Casey also contributes to Us Weekly‘s “Fashion Police” and is a regular fixture on Today and The Jenny McCarthy Show.


Known as the “ESPN of TV talk,” Afterbuzz TV was founded by Emmy-winner Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro after their desire to discuss AMC‘s smash hit Breaking Bad. The network now covers over 200 shows, both reality TV and unscripted, and hosts many talented journalists and broadcasters.

Afterbuzz TV boasts over 100 hours of content per week with coverage in over 150 countries around the globe. The network also welcomes celebrity guest stars who contribute their judgments about their favorite Afterbuzz TV shows.


After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Oswego State University, Rob Cesternino played twice on the CBS hit reality-competition series Survivor, entitled the “smartest player to never win the game” by host Jeff Probst. Rob started Rob Has A Podcast in 2010, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The podcast was awarded five People’s Choice Podcast Awards and was named the “People’s Choice Podcast of 2015”.

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What’s most impressive about Rob is his undying love and dedication to the community of Survivor and Big Brother super-fans. As a devoted husband and father of two young boys, Rob Cesternino has paved the way for every podcast entrepreneur, making quite a living for himself through premium monthly donations on the platform Patreon.

The podcast has expanded from Survivor to all avenues of reality TV and is enjoyed by thousands of fans around the world. RHAP delivers almost-daily content, with over 10 hours of weekly Survivor coverage!


Jodie Hough began the RealiTV Podcast back in 2017 when she solely covered 90 Day Fiance. Since then, she has expanded her horizons to cover all of TLC‘s outlandish material, with the tagline: “your best friend and inner voice as you cringe-watch all the shows you love and love to hate.

Jodie’s snarky outlook on all things reality TV makes it simple for fans around the globe to commiserate with a never-ending string of hilarious episodes.


Though hosts Matt Marr and Jake Anthony have only been podcasting on 90 Day Fiance since last year, this hilarious pair of guys have covered other TV shows such as Riverdale and Southern Charm for some time. Matt is a clinical psychologist while Jake teaches musical theater and life coaches, and the two never fail to provide amusing investigations into all things 90 Day!

90 Day Gays has begun to cover other hit reality series like Love After Lockup and TLC‘s newest show, Welcome to Plathville. For those listeners looking to spit out their wine in laughter while guzzling down the latest 90 Day recap, 90 Day Gays should be the perfect podcast!

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