Tiny Details In Lady Gaga’s Music Videos

There can be 100 metaphors in a room…


The poisons Gaga uses in “Telephone” to kill all the people in the diner are rat poison, Meta-cyanide, Fex-M3, and Tiberium. The first is self-explanatory, but Meta-cyanide originates from the 1965 sci-fi novel Dune, in which the poison is placed on the tip of a needle. Fex-M3 is a neurotoxin from the Star Wars universe, and Tiberium is an alien substance with a deadly effect from the video game series Command & Conquer.


The reporter who’s seen talking about the murders Gaga and Beyoncé just committed in “Telephone” is Jai Rodriguez, one of the members of the “Fab Five” on the original Queer Eye.


And if you look real closely at the scrolling text on this news broadcast, you’ll see the “Telephone” lyrics in Swedish. Given that the video’s director Jonas Åkerlund is Swedish, this checks out.


The mugshots used are also from the end of the “Paparazzi” video, but you probably already knew that.


Gaga wears these Mickey Mouse–esque sunglasses and a yellow outfit when she poisons and kills her boyfriend in “Paparazzi.”

And given that “Telephone” is a continuation of “Paparazzi,” Beyoncé wears those very same glasses (and a yellow outfit) when she poisons and kills her own shitty boyfriend one year later.


Gaga’s younger sister Natali Germanotta appears in the “Telephone” video as one of Gaga’s fellow prisoners.


Many fans have pointed out that one of the projections of cars on fire in the “Alejandro” music video, which was released in 2010, looks eerily similar to scenes that later appear in the “Marry the Night” video, which was released one year later.

And yes, I know this one is a stretch given that she was displaying multiple war scenes in “Alejandro,” but it’s fun to think that she may always be one step ahead.


In “Perfect Illusion,” Gaga wears a varsity jacket with the number 74, which is also the year her aunt Joanne passed. Joanne serves as the inspiration for the album this song is on.


In “Judas,” Gaga’s dancers switch out each time the camera zooms on Gaga’s face while they’re at the Electric Chapel. For example, in one wide shot you’ll see her female dancers, then a close-up of Gaga, and then the next wide shot shows her male dancers.


As part of her first outfit in the “Rain On Me” video, fans pointed out that Gaga is wearing the same vinyl corset boots that she previously wore for her Monster Ball Tour, which took place a decade ago.

She’s wearing THE boots… the holy boots!!! Am I freaking out and losing my shit over some pair of boots? YES BITCH #RAINONME

Here she is performing with the legendary boots in 2010.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

And here she is wearing ’em in 2020.


When Gaga pulls the dagger out of her leg in “Rain On Me,” the dagger actually becomes water itself.


If you look closely at the reflections in the water in “Rain On Me,” you’ll notice that Gaga and Ariana are wearing their darker outfits and vice versa.


Gaga has made it known that she’s a huge fan of Bayonetta, which is a video game starring a shapeshifting witch named — you guessed it — Bayonetta.

Still playing #Bayonetta middle of chapter XIII and my hands hurt and I have to sleep and it’s 4 In the damn morning but this damn dragon with the face that I have to kill with my weave. Smh. Give it another go in the morning #gamer respect to the experts I need emotional support

In this game, Bayonetta is famously known for using her long, magical hair as a conduit to summon demons on her behalf. Casual.

Many fans have said this may have inspired her and Ariana’s long, weightless hair in “Rain On Me.”

And while the hair may seem coincidental, this isn’t the first time Gaga may have been inspired by Bayonetta. Back in 2017, Gaga killed a version of herself using high-heeled boots that double as guns in “John Wayne.”

And you know who else has shoes that double as guns? Yep, our girl Bayonetta.


There’s a (fake) white rat on Gaga’s head after she burns a Russian mobster alive in “Bad Romance.”

Here it is at a different angle. Cute.


There’s a pair of great Danes named Lava and Rumpus, who’ve appeared in multiple Gaga videos either as a pair or on their own. They’ve made cameos in “The Fame: Part One“…


When Gaga pulls the ticket inspector into the booth to make out with him in “LoveGame“, the character changes from a man to a woman and vice versa as the camera pans back and fourth.


Gaga is no stranger to using religious symbolism, which is why her hairstyle resembles a pope’s hat when she’s playing a godlike character in “Born This Way.”

Interscope, Franco Origlia / Getty Images


The wedding dress Gaga wears in the “Yoü And I” video was actually the dress her mother got married in.

Interscope / Via youtube.com

When talking about why she chose to wear the dress, Gaga told MTV, “The love that my mother and father have shared for almost 30 years now is what I hope to have someday.”


The man who resurrects all those famous figures in “G.U.Y.” is Adam Dahlberg, a popular YouTuber who used to focus solely on making Minecraft videos.


The fruit featured in the Roman pool scene of “G.U.Y.” is made of Legos. They were made by Nathan Sawaya, the same artist who made the Lego statue seen ripping its chest open in the video.


The half-sphere that appears in the backround of the “lab” scene in “G.U.Y.” is exactly like the blue Gazing Ball sculptures artist Jeff Koons is famous for.

For context, this same Gazing Ball appears in front of a statue Jeff created for Gaga for her Artpop album.


The final montage in “Marry The Night” shows various quickly cut scenes from Gaga’s life, one of which is her struggling to carry a piano down some stairs, falling, and then getting help from an older man. Back in 2010, Gaga told fans at Lollapalooza that her father “kicked off her music career by helping her carry her piano up a long staircase at their New York apartment when she was a kid,” so this may reference that pivotal moment.


And finally, in one of her first looks in “Stupid Love,” Gaga wears this Philip Treacy conical helmet (as noted by Gaga fashion bible La Maison Gaga). If you look closely, you notice that her vision is actually fully restricted. This was confirmed by a behind-the-scenes video wherein she tried dancing in it and was bumping into things. Leave it to Gaga to still execute flawless choreography despite it.

If you’re a diehard Little Monster, chances are you already knew all of these. Which ones did I miss? Let me know!

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